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La Porte Jaycees Past Presidents

John Daley                        1945-1946
Tom Rauschenbach        1946-1947
Ed Kaminski                     1947-1948
Fred Decker                      1948-1949
Frank Lanigan                  1949-1950
John Schmidt                   1950-1951
Forrest Link                      1951-1952
Dan Clendenen                1952-1953
Bob Groman                     1953-1954
Del Anderson                   1954-1955
John Scholl                       1955-1956
David Osborn                   1956-1957
J. Robert Miller                1957-1958
Charles Boston                 1958-1959
Glen Heatherson              1959-1960
Glen Buell                          1960-1961
Richard Knoll                   1961-1962
Paul Oakes                        1962-1963
Harry Kreidler                 1963-1964
Clarence E. Murphy        1964-1965
Carl F. Vaitl                       1965-1966
Donald Porter                   1966-1967
Thomas T. Boyd               1967-1968
Phil Carr                            1968-1969
Jerry Fink                          1969-1970
Roger Singleton                1970-1971
Edwin Bowers                   1971-1972
Mike Moran                       1972-1973
Thomas Hilbish                1973-1974
Joseph Broviak                 1974-1975
Dale Grassmyer                1975-1976
Edward Smallman            1976-1977
Randy Menkes                   1977-1978
Thomas Ferrara                 1978-1979
Michael Johnson               1979-1980
Jim Jessup                          1980-1981
Larry Reuille                      1981-1982
William Hedge                   1982-1983
Dennis Lantz                      1983-1984
Jerry Mitchell                     1984-1985
Andy Tisch                          1985-1986
Bob Snyder                         1986-1987
Harold Barr                        1987-1988
Tammy Menkes                 1988-1989
Chris Smith                        1989-1990
Dale Waldo                        1990-1990
Harold Barr                        1990-1991
Cathy Homan                     1991-1992
Kurt Mahl                           1992-1993
Paul Thode                         1993-1994
Chris Eager                        1994-1995
Beth West                           1995-1996
Ted Knibbs                         1996-1997
Brian Broviak                    1997-1998
Kevin Hupertz                   May-Dec 1998
Scott Bolles                        1999
Rick Harfert                       2000
Randy Barr                         2001
Karl Vartia                          Jan-Jun 2002
Cathy Homan                     Jul-Dec 2002
JD Darnell                          2003
Kayde Darnell                    2004
Sandy Miller                       2005-2006
Dawn Zigler                        2007-2009
Tonya Combs-Thompson 2010
Chris Blake                          2011
Courtney Cerajewski         2012
Joy Zigler                             2013
Amy McGarvey Bishop      2014
Carrie Campbell                  2015-2016

La Porte JaySHEEs Past Presidents

The La Porte Jayshees organized in September of 1956 after the Jaycees voted to have a local auxiliary.  The purpose of the Jayshees was to promote social contact among the Jaycee wives and to provide organized assistance for any La Porte Jaycee function when called upon.  In 1979 the La Porte Jayshees became members of the Indiana and United States Jaycee Women.  With that affiliation, the women became involved in many of their own projects as well as assisting their local Jaycees.  The Jayshees expanded in 1981 when they joined their membership to include non-Jaycee wives and single women.  Due to the Supreme Court ruling in 1984 allowing women to join the Jaycees, the Jaycee Women organizations started to erode.  Many of the Jaycee Women groups dissolved and joined the Jaycees.  In March of 1985, the Indiana Jaycee Women voted to dissolve and merge with the Indiana Jaycees.  A similar vote was taken in June of 1985 concerning the United States Jaycees Women.  The La Porte Jayshees were a vital part of this community with such projects as the Babysitting Clinic, Cutest Baby Contest, Thanksgiving Baskets, and Easter Coloring Contest.  Many of the Jayshees have continued their community involvement by becoming active members of the La Porte Jaycees.

Past Presidents of the La Porte Jayshees are:
Lorraine Manning   1956-1958
Marge Miller       1958-1959
Phylis Oakes       1959-1960
Doris Buell        1960-1961
Mary Welch         1961-1962
Bea Knoll          1962-1963
Juanita Kreidler   1963-1964
Eileen Vaitl       1964-1965
Dixie Murphy       1965-1966
Carol Porter       1966-1967
Jan Mayes          1967-1968
Ruth Ann Carr      1968-1969
Barb Broviak       1969-1970
Julie Hilbish      1970-1971
Judy Braid         1971-1972
Diane Elshire      1972-1973
Debbie Moran       1973-1974
Karen Kuhn         1974-1975
Vicki Johnson      1975-1976
Patti Grassmyer    1976-1977
Tammy Menkes       1977-1978
Emily Schmitt      1978-1979
Gloria Ballard     1979-1980
Pam Ewers          1980-1981
Barb Irk           1981-1982
Virginia Jessup    1982-1983
Sandy Menne        1983-1984
Terri Snyder       1984-1985