Membership in the La Porte Jaycees

The La Porte Jaycees is an organization that provides leadership training opportunities for its members through the projects and programs the members plan, organize, and conduct in both the community and chapter.

Both young women and men ages 18 through 41 are eligible to be members.

The La Porte Jaycee projects focus on three major areas: Management Development (money-making projects and membership communication), Individual Development (leadership skills and social functions), and Community Development (youth, senior citizens, environment, and recreation).

Jaycees members often join because they want to expand or develop leadership, decision making, and public speaking skills. Our members also like the opportunity to contribute to identifying community needs and planning and executing projects to help people in the La Porte community. Joining the Jaycees is a great opportunity to associate with progressive young people with similar interests and objectives on the local to international levels.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm. Location varies so contact us if you want to attend!

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