Parade Policies

Parade Policies

1. Application Fee: An Application Fee of $35 will be required. Commercial units are $250. Though the La Porte Jaycees do not wish to foreclose those members of the community who wish to participate in the parade, rising costs for all aspects of the parade have required us to mandate a $35 application fee. Without charging a fee, the LaPorte Jaycees would be unable to offer a parade. All fees will be used to fund the parade and Fourth of July Celebrations. Any individual, group, or company which donates over $35 will not be required to pay the application fee. This fee must be paid prior to June 22nd or you will forfeit your parade entry.

Submit payment for entry and/or paper entry form to:
La Porte Jaycees
4th of July Parade Entry
P.O. Box 172
La Porte, IN 46352-0172

Pay Parade Entry Fee via PayPal

2. Parade Starting Time will be 10:00 AM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME.

3. The entry application form must be completed and signed with the understanding of the general policies and guidelines. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Entry forms that are improperly completed will be contacted for clarification. Due to space limitations and guidelines, all entries submitted may not be accepted. The parade organizers reserve the right to reject any entry at any time and all decisions are final. The general policies and guidelines listed are for the safety and quality of the parade. Failure to abide by these policies and guidelines and those presented with the parade information packages, may result in the unit’s removal from the parade and jeopardize future invitations.

4. Acceptable parade units include: floats, bands, marching units, or novelty units with historic or entertainment value. Entries need not adhere to the parade theme, but must be appropriately designed to be an acceptable unit. All commercial vehicles must have appropriate Fourth of July decorations and be a sponsor of the parade. The committee may reject entries if necessary. No entry will have a political theme of any kind, except for Political Parties approved by the La Porte Jaycees 4th of July Parade Committee. Fire Departments are limited to 1 (one) fire truck. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Marching Musical Units: Marching musical units are requested to perform the 2-mile parade route.
Equestrian/Animal Units: The participants must have control of their animals at all times. Any animal deemed unsafe in the parade will be removed. All animal units must provide their own “clean-up” – “pooper scooper” crew and equipment to follow their unit in the parade. If you do not show up with a clean up crew you will be pulled from the parade line up.Floats: Floats must be a fully decorated trailer that is self-propelled or pulled by a tow vehicle. It is strongly encouraged that the tow vehicle also be covered, decorated and incorporated into the float theme. Size dimensions of the float must also be included on the application form.
Specialty Units/Novelties/Marching Units: Drill, Dance, or Baton units will be considered on their entertainment value. Entries requiring vehicles to carry sound systems must notify parade organizers on the application. The type of vehicle must be listed for approval by parade organizers. Decorated carts or vehicles are required.
Vehicles: Vehicles considered for entry must be antique or unique. Vehicles permitted in the parade will be restricted in numbers. NO commercial or private vehicles are allowed in the parade without prior written approval by the parade committee.
Commercial Business Entries: Commercial entries must be a sponsor of the parade. A commercial business entry cannot be used as a “major” advertisement for the sponsoring business.

5. NO THROWAWAYS ARE ALLOWED from any unit or vehicle on the parade route. Units wishing to give away articles must receive permission from the 4th of July Parade Committee and must provide their own people to distribute them to spectators on the curb so as not to interfere with the flow of the parade. Only Parade “walkers” will be allowed to distribute candy or other approved items. Please DO NOT throw items from the vehicles or encourage children to approach your unit – YOU MAY ENDANGER THEM. Violators will be removed from the parade.

6. Each unit will provide its own motor power. We suggest that you set up the idle speed of your car to prevent stalling. Our desire is to present a parade which flows smoothly at approximately 2 MPH and is free of gaps. The parade starter will instruct you before leaving the starting line on the proper distance to maintain between you and the unit ahead. This distance must be maintained throughout the parade unless you are instructed to do otherwise. There will be Jaycees (in Referee shirts) along the parade route who may ask you to alter the space between you and the unit ahead.

7. Final position of entries in the parade will be determined by the La Porte Jaycee 4th of July Parade Committee. Special requests will be accepted for consideration, but are not guaranteed.

8. All Units must be in their line-up position, according to their parade number, by 9:00 am. The parade begins promptly at 10:00 AM. Please check in with the Jaycee (black/white striped shirt) in your area!

9. No entry will have a political theme of any kind, apart from Political Parties approved by the
La Porte Jaycees 4th of July Parade Committee. Any campaign material must be on float only. Each party will be allowed ONE vehicle w/float. Any special guests participating in the La Porte Jaycees 4th of July Parade as political office holders are not allowed to use campaign materials in their unit. Ex: Joe Smith, for Mayor (Not Allowed); Mayor of La Porte, Joe Smith (Allowed). All Political Party entries need to contact the Parade Chair prior to submitting their application.

10. NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the route.

11. These policies are established to ensure a safe and enjoyable parade for all. Any parade entry, which does not comply with these established policies, will be asked to leave the parade route at the discretion of the Parade Chairperson and will be subject to possible suspension from future parades!

12. The La Porte Jaycees 4th of July Parade confirmation packet containing your instruction letter, line up position and map will be e-mailed to all entries approximately one week prior to the Parade date. The actual line up numbers will be handed out when you check in with your designated starter the morning of the parade.

13. Please make sure to bring along tape, staple gun, or other means of attaching the cards to both sides of your unit. The Parade Starters will be handing these out when you check in.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these policies.