Parade Entry Instructions

Instructions to Complete Entry Form

1) NAME OF ENTRY – the official name of the entry you are submitting. Please include the name of your organization.

2) CONTACT PERSON – the name of the contact person for your entry.

3) DATE SUBMITTED – date entry form was completed and returned to The La Porte Jaycees.

4) ADDRESS – the street and/or Post Office box associated with your entry or contact person and where confirmation letter will be mailed.

5) CITY, STATE, ZIP – the city, state, and zip code associated with your entry or contact person and where confirmation letter will be mailed.

6) HOME PHONE, WORK PHONE, FAX NUMBER, E-MAIL: contact person’s telephone numbers. Please include a number for your organization if necessary. Fax number where we can fax items to you should we need more information.

7) SPONSORED BY – name of group, organization, or business sponsoring entry.

8) TYPE OF UNIT – please check the one category that best fits the type of entry you are submitting. If you are not sure which category your entry fits, please call our Parade Chairperson.

9) HANDOUTS – please indicate if your unit would like to hand out objects, such as candy along the parade route. List the specific object or item you would like to hand out. Your request to hand objects out will be considered.

10) DESCRIPTION OF UNIT – describe in detail your entry.

11) LENGTH OF UNIT – please list the entire length of your unit, including pull vehicles, for line up purposes.

12) NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS – please list the number of people who will be participating in your unit on parade day.

13) SPECIAL REQUESTS – list any special requests you may have. The La Porte Jaycees will do their best to honor special requests when it is feasible to do so. Please remember that all units cannot be #1.

14) OTHER 4TH OF JULY PARADE COMMITMENTS – list time and location if you must be at another parade or if you are coming from another parade.

15) PARADE SPONSORHIP – list any sponsorship/contribution that your organization would like to contribute.

16) MAILING LIST – indicate if your entry or organization would like to be on The La Porte Jaycees yearly 4th of July mailing list.

17) RETURN DATE – return entire application to the address listed by the date indicated. Applications received after the deadline date are not guaranteed a spot in the parade line-up.

18) REPRESENTATIVE’S SIGNATURE – please have your representative read and discuss the enclosed policies with your committee members then sign the form before returning. No signature may result in unit being refused!

The information you list on this entry form will help us now and in the future to arrange and present the best parade possible for our community and its guests. We thank you for your cooperation in providing the information necessary to complete this task! Please be sure the email address and cell phone numbers are the most up-to-date information. Most communication will be done through email if possible.

Submit payment for entry and/or paper entry form to:
La Porte Jaycees
4th of July Parade Entry
P.O. Box 172
La Porte, IN 46352-0172

Pay Parade Entry Fee via PayPal