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Welcome to the La Porte Jaycees!

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Your gracious donation helps fund Community Projects put on by the La Porte Jaycees.  From our Deserving Children's Shopping Tour, to the 4th of July festivities, every donation made goes right back to the La Porte Community.  Thank you!


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Welcome to the La Porte Jaycees!

Officially chartered on January 31, 1946, the La Porte Jaycees chapter quickly undertook many projects (including the 4th of July Celebration) under the direction of its first president John Daley.

Over the years the chapter saw many changes. The late 1940's and the 1950's saw a continued growth of members and expanded programming with the Jaycees becoming very community oriented. This orientation culminated in the 1970's with participation in the funding of the new hospital (to the tune of $20,000), the building of Jaycee Whirlpool Park, and the conducting of surveys which resulted in the overpass and the local transportation system. The 1980's saw the inclusion of our first women, both as members and officers on the board with their accomplishments being rated as exemplary.

La Porte Jaycee projects focus on three major areas: Management Development (money-making projects and membership communication), Individual Development (leadership skills and social functions), and Community Development (youth, senior citizens, environment, and recreation).

The La Porte Jaycees will continue, as they have in the past, to be a premier organization in the area, not only in the field of leadership training, but in service to the community of La Porte.